Make Your Condo Your Own

When you buy a condo at Charleston Toy Box you’re buying a property designed to be customized to your taste and style.

Each unit is privately owned, by other enthusiasts like yourself, very similar to buying a single family home in a community. You get a Deed, title insurance, and transactions are handled through a title or escrow company. Access is 24 hours a day, and your unit usage is unrestricted, with just some common sense restrictions.

Your condominium is just that, yours. Whether you want to turn this into your “man cave” or workshop or showpiece for your treasures you’re in control of what the space turns into. At Charleston Toy Box we’ll provide you with design assistance, some great pricing on amenities such as oversized fans, floor finishing services, designer services and more.

At the end of the day you should be comfortable in the space and it can and should become a reflection of your tastes.

Toy Box Condominium Example
Luxury car condo mezzanine layout
Toy Box Condo Mezzanine Level View
Luxury car condo 4 car layout

Condo Layouts


The only limit to the layout for you unit is your imagination.  Whether you have a collection of exotic vehicles or boats and RV’s you can layout the space to meet your needs. Below we’ve put together the schematics for a few different layouts of our 20′ x 50′ condos and our 25′ x 50′ units with optional mezzanines.  Personalize either to your own taste,

Charleston Toy Box condominium 20' x 50' layout and options

Customize Your Condo With These Extras

You have a wide range of amenities you can choose from at Charleston Toy Box to enhance your space. The slider below will give you some ideas. We offer custom floors, enormous fans, mezzanine levels, auto lifts, 1/2 bathrooms, auto turntables, customized security solutions including cameras for your condo and keyless entry systems, custom cabinets and more.

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